Demo Consultation and Production

What You Need:

  • A voice over demo that SHINES, IMPRESSES casting directors, and shows off your very BEST.
  • Someone to offer HONEST critique and feedback that will help you IMPROVE your demo
  • A voice demo director who will push you in the RIGHT direction.
  • To SAVE money.

What Austin Offers

  • ALL of that.

Demo Consultation ($25):

  • To start you off, Austin offers an in-depth analysis of your current voice demo. He’ll listen to your demo many times over, and thoroughly assess it from top to bottom and everywhere in between. Austin will then provide you with a piece by piece breakdown of his thoughts on your demo, including what works, what doesn’t, what you need and ultimately whether or not your demo is ready to be presented to prospective directors.
  • Austin’s analysis has been called “brutal,” “honest,” “comprehensive,” and “exactly what I needed to hear.”

Voice Direction ($30 /hour):

  • If you need some extra help guiding your demo or project in the right direction, Austin offers private voice direction via Skype.
  • Austin will cut out the guess work, and get right to the point, helping you get the perfect takes that will show off what you can do best. Make each scene leave a LASTING IMPACT.
  • Austin offers this service for demos and indie productions

Voice Demo Production: ($35):

  • Austin is a university trained sound designer with a library of thousands of sound effects, dozens of custom music tracks, and professional audio production software (ProTools).
  • Your talent is always the first priority, and Austin’s mixing will never outshine your performance.
  • Add extra “OOMPH” to your demo with top quality mixing that will leave directors breathless.

Package Deal ($60):

  • Save upwards of $30 and have your entire demo produced by Austin.

Contact and Guidelines:

  • All of these services can be booked by reaching out to Austin directly at
  • For direction and production, you MUST have your own home recording setup with a GOOD  microphone. At the BARE MINIMUM you must have a Blue Yeti Pro, but that is the barest minimum. Standard Blue Yetis, Snowballs and microphones of similar quality will not be accepted.
  • If you have your demo assessed by Austin, you must be prepared for HONEST feedback. He does not sugarcoat his critique, but he will never insult you or your ability. All he wants is for you to be the very best that you can be.
  • Payment for consultations, production or the package deal must be made up-front. Payment for voice direction will be made after the direction has concluded.

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