Video Games

Ancient Frontier
Archangel Bulldog, Identification Computer, Additional Characters
Atelier Firis Kai Holthaus, Clay, Additional Characters
The Battle of Almaak All Characters
Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online Demon King Jester
Dynasty Legends Hua Xiong and Meng Huo
Heroes Arena Captain Gridiron Kors
Heroes of Newerth Kyugo, Saji
Heroes Charge Doom Mechanic
Heroes of Clash of Kings Minotaur
Idle Heroes CorpseDemon, Dragonslayer, Field, Groo, Kamath, Karim, Ormus, Walter
Legendary Castle Captain Hook, Watson
Monster Strike
Chainbound Jack, Dr. Jekyl & Mr. Hyde, The Phantom
Night of the Full Moon
Old Castle Broom, Stone Troll, Toad Prophet
Ouroboros Project
Hohenheim, Mordred
Red Star Azimuth Nikolaev
Shadow Regiment Player, Guard and Officer
Summon Night 6
Erst, Kagerou
Three Kingdoms: Infinity Wars Cao Ren, Cheng Pu, Xiahou Yuan, Zhang Fei, Yu Jing, Zhang He, and Zuo Ci
Transformers Legends Grimlock
War Clash
Dragoon, Golem, Miner, Obliterator
Wasteland 2 Dave “Killer” Carlson (Director’s Cut), Dustmask


Accel World: Infinite Burst
Iron Pound
Additional Voices
Cecil the Cat Burglar Cecil
Death Battle Frank West
Ghost Rider: The First Ride (Pilot)
Johnny/Ghost Rider, Mephisto
Heroes: Legend of the Battle Disks
Additional Voices
Hunter X Hunter
Manheim, Motatricke, Man with Afro, and Additional Voices
Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Battle Tendency Additional Voices
Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood Additional Voices
Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders Manga Artist, Papyrus Salesman, Additional Voices
Kakegurui Jun Kiwatari
Kill La Kill Additional Voices
Magi: Kingdom of Magic
Bjorn, Kaiser, and Additional Voices
Narrator (Pulp Fiction, Guardians of the Galaxy, Force Awakens, Mad Max)
Seven Deadly Sins
Tall Holy Knight, and Additional Voices
Shattered Heaven Nathan Gelidus
Sword Gai the Animation Tatsumi / Tonbokiri
Ultra Nova
W.H.O.O.K.O.S and A.E. Chronics Kyo

Radio Imaging

Brain lady Speaks
Voice Over, Music and Mixing
Create More Love
Voice Over, Music and Mixing
Into the Light Paranormal Radio Voice Over, Music and Mixing
Lessons in Joyful Living
Voice Over, Music and Mixing
Mind Science and Metaphysics
Voice Over, Music and Mixing
Spirit Salad
Voice Over, Music and Mixing
Start Over, Find Happiness
Voice Over, Music and Mixing
Will You BE Your Soulmate?
Voice Over, Music and Mixing

Commercial Clients

Altavista Chrysler-Dodge-Jeep-Ram, Bank of Utah, Celonis Process Mining, CrowdQuoter.Com, Crutchfield, Danville Braves, Eastern Utah’s Battle of the Bands, The Eastern Utah Tourism and History Association, Edwards Nissan & Kia,, Iowa Department of Emergency Security and Emergency Management, Kingsford, LiJL Radio Network,¬†Lynchburg College, Sentara Healthcare, Thrive, University of Oregon, Vince Wilfork, Voice Creative, Ward Landscapes, Wingstop


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