Accel World: Infinite Burst
Iron Pound
Additional Voices
The Animated History of the Flash
Barry Allen
The Animated History of Pokemon
Archie, Guzma, Game Developer
Ba Da Bean
Panto, Additional Voices
The Beachbuds
BeyBlade Burst TURBO
Xander Shakadera
Xander Shakadera
Cecil the Cat Burglar Cecil
Death Battle Frank West, Po, Ultron
From Me To You: Kimi Ni Todoke Ando, Uchimura, Additional Voices
Gundam Build Drivers Re: Rise
Heart Point
Heroes: Legend of the Battle Disks
Additional Voices
Hunter X Hunter
Manheim, Motatricke, Additional Voices
Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Battle Tendency Additional Voices
Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood Additional Voices
Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders Manga Artist, Papyrus Salesman, Additional Voices
Junji Ito Maniac
Taichi, Additional Voices
Jun Kiwatari
Kill La Kill Additional Voices
Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These Karl Braque
LEGO Friends (2016)
Aviator Zobo
Lupin 3rd Part 6 (2016)
Sean, Additional Voices
Magi: Kingdom of Magic
Bjorn, Kaiser, Additional Voices
Mashle: Magic and Muscle
Additional Voices
Megaton Girl
J’Harl the Conqueror, Thaddeus Sludge, Additional Voices
Narrator (Pulp Fiction, Guardians of the Galaxy, Force Awakens, Mad Max)
My Inner Demons
Mystery Skulls Animated
Arthur Kingsmen
Odd Taxi
Fukumoto, Additional Voices
Pokemon Evolutions
Professor Sycamore
Ryoma! The Prince of Tennis
Weasley Vaughn
Seven Deadly Sins
Additional Voices
Shattered Heaven Nathan Gelidus
Sword Gai the Animation Tatsumi / Tonbokiri
The Testament of Sister New Devil Nebra, Additional Voices
TMNT Sewer Squad Update Raphael
Tokyo 24th Ward
Gutter, Kaoru, Additional Voices
Ultra Nova
Void Paradox
YooHoo To the Rescue
Zom100: Bucketlist of the Dead
Additional Voices


Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown
Wit (Sol 2)
AI The Somnium Files: nirvanA Initiative
Kagami, Additional Voices
AION: Legions of War
Bellakin, Drake, Dreadnought, Jorgen, Additional Voices
Ancient Frontier
Archangel Bulldog, Identification Computer, Additional Voices
Atelier Firis Kai Holthaus, Clay, Additional Voices
Atlas Fallen
Male Gauntlet Bearer
The Battle of Almaak All Characters
Chimera Land
Raleigh, Rossa, Terhi
Chocobo GP
Treasure Hunter Cid
Chocobo’s Mystery Dungeon: Every Buddy
Treasure Hunter Cid
Citizens of Space
Contractor, Judge, Miner, Quack MacCool, Sticker Collector, Time Cop
Cookie Run Kingdom
Bat-Cat, Fire Spirit Cookie
Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online Demon King Jester
Demon’s Souls Remake
Additional Voices
Disgaea 6
Disgaea 7
Dynasty Legends Hua Xiong, Meng Huo
Eternal Ankle Cutter, Big Brother, Boltcrafter Shaman, Drifter, Gravemarker Oni, Knight of Sorrow, Magus of Celerity, Mask Maker, Rindra’s Choice, Shamebearer, Sigvard The Last Bastion, Snowrager, Umbren Deathwatcher, Zuberi Outlands Warlord
Final Fantasy VII Rebirth
Final Fantasy VII Remake
Fire Emblem Heroes
Game of Thrones Winter is Coming
Julien, Merrel Peake
Genesis E-60, Unknown Creature
Genshin Impact Ikeda Soushirou, Additional Voices
God Eater 3 Male Custom Voice #4
Grand Guilds Monico Sternhat
Halo Infinite Marine Male 3
Hohenheim, Mordred
Heroes Arena Captain Gridiron Kors
Heroes of Newerth Kyugo, Saji
Heroes Charge Doom Mechanic
Heroes of Clash of Kings Minotaur
Higan: Eruthyll
Idle Heroes CorpseDemon, Dragonslayer, Field, Groo, Kamath, Karim, Ormus, Walter
Kingdom Under Fire II
Sanchez, Additional Voices
La Pucelle Ragnarok Homard, Additional Voices
Labyrinth of Refrain: Coven of Dusk Additional Voices
Legend of Ace Raghav
Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III
Ash Carbide
Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV
Ash Carbide
Legend of Heroes: Trails into Reverie
Ash Carbide, Dieter Crois, Ian Grimwood
Legendary Castle Captain Hook, Watson
LEGO City Missions (App)
Duke DeTain, Westbrook W. Sleet, Additional Voices
Maplestory M
Izar, Marvin/Voyager, Sirius
Monster Strike
Chainbound Jack, Dr. Jekyl & Mr. Hyde, Nirai Kanai, Umbrellops, The Phantom
Night of the Full Moon
Old Castle Broom, Stone Troll, Toad Prophet
Obey Me
Monty, Ors
Octopath Traveler II
Harry, Roi, Prisoner, Additional Voices
Persona 3 RELOAD
Hidetoshi Odagiri, Principal, Cerberus, Commentator
Paladins Pandemonium VII
Red Star Azimuth Nikolaev
Rise of Civilizations
Centurion, Dragoon
SaGa Scarlet Grace Jamto, Lamar, Strumiknen, Additional Characters
Shadow Regiment Player, Guard, Officer
SMITE Chibi Announcer Pack, Cultus Chronos Freedom Retriever Anubis, Galaxy Maverick Ne Zha, Infernal Omen Tsukuyomi, Shadow Step Mercury
Summon Night 6
Erst, Kagerou
Super Daryl Deluxe
Time Knight
Three Kingdoms: Massive War Cao Ren, Cheng Pu,Xiahou YuanZhang Fei, Yu Jing, Zhang He, Zuo
Transformers Legends Grimlock
The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners
Jeff, Additional Voices
War Clash
Dragoon, Golem, Miner, Obliterator
Wasteland 2 Dave “Killer” Carlson (Director’s Cut), Dustmask
Wasteland 3 Joker
Ziliant Various


The Battle of Warsaw
Additional Voices
Fabricated City
Yong Guru

Austin has also worked with numerous commercial, promo and narration clients across web, radio and television, including:

Epson, Kingsford, Nickelodeon, Playmates Toys, Silo Films, The LIJL Radio Network, Voice Creative, Boomers, The Eugene Symphony, Wingstop, Bags of Love, Forest Volunteer Fire Department, Focus on Energy, Comfort Cooling Heating and Air, City Motors Collision Center, Bank of Utah, East Utah Battle of the Bands, and MORE


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